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                      • Welcome to Issue 2!

                        It’s our pleasure to present you with the poems, interviews, essays, and artwork we’ve curated since our previous?issue. We hope you enjoy it all as much as we do. Now read on, dear clickers, scrollers, artists, and scholars.

                      • ISSUE 2 FEATURES
                        Jones Portrait of Addonizio
                        Alice Fulton works to “make it strange,” discussing her latest poetry and her collaboration with sculptor Kim Cridler.
                      • FEATURED #5
                        Bianca Stone Art
                        Sarah Maclay shares new poems from a sequence inspired by time spent with colleagues.
                      • FEATURED #5
                        Bianca Stone Art
                        Read new work from the acclaimed poet.
                      • FEATURED #5
                        Nick Flynn Art
                        Poems from the author of War Reporter and New Life, accompanied by images from artist Michael Garguilo.
                      • FEATURED #5
                        Blurby Statue
                        The artist and poet shares recent work from his residency at the Banff Centre.
                      • MORE POEMS

                        Jeffrey Neilson
                        Memory Palace
                        Sophie Klahr
                        THE BOOK OF PAID ROOMS,
                            VOLUME I
                        THE BOOK OF PAID ROOMS,
                            VOLUME II
                        THE BOOK OF PAID ROOMS,
                            VOLUME III
                        Angela Pe?aredondo
                        Why Grandmother Became
                            a Minke Whale
                        Self-Portrait As Molluscs
                        Dan O'Brien
                        The War Reporter Paul Watson’s
                            Fear of Los Angeles
                        The War Reporter Paul Watson
                            Pitches the Drama
                        The War Reporter Paul Watson
                           in LA-ndahar
                        The War Reporter Paul Watson
                           in Disneyland
                      • MORE POEMS

                        Danielle Badra
                        Ghazal for Lost Women
                        This is why I can’t be your lover
                        Conversation with H.D.’s Trilogy
                        Beth Ruscio
                        Non Grata
                        Imaginary Memorial
                        Brandi Spaethe
                        There Was No One
                            to Teach Me This
                        Mahtem Shiferraw
                        Sister Black, Sister Blue
                        A Dream in Sequences
                        Luanne Castle
                        What Lies Inside
                        Aaron Apps
                        Corrupt Matter
                        Queer Fat
                        Monkfish Have the Fattest Heads
                        Marinade for “Decent” People